She-man: Female and Male energy explored

'She-man' by Amanda Reid

Every person contains both a feminine and masculine persona, whatever gender their outward appearance may be.


The human foetus is female until the 13th week of pregnancy, when male gender development occurs if the chromosome is present for male development, but ‘female’ and ‘male’ are not confined to gender, or even to living things. 


Female/male is best understood as energy.  As such, the energetic qualities include:-


FEMALE: Grounding, nurturing, listening, holding, containing, receiving, being.


MALE: Directing, talking, acting, doing.


So as you can see, we are all capable of all of the above, whatever our gender, and whenever we act in our polar opposite energy, we can connect to our opposite gender persona.


A man who is listening or nurturing is using his feminine energy.


A woman who is talking or doing is using her masculine energy.


Unfortunately, cultural limitations restrict our ability to connect well with our internal ‘other half’, more so for men generally.


There may be a strong tendency to resist developing ourselves in this way, but it is necessary to do so in order to become a whole person, for we are spiritually a being who, in our perfect state, has integrated these energies into a state of balance and harmony with each other.  We must do this to reach our highest potential, especially as shamanic practitioners.


Consider the Yin/Yang symbol, it is a symbol of polarity which can represent feminine and masculine energy.  They are depicted like two 'comma' shapes when represented as the yin and yang, and the shapes are embracing each other in such a way that together they form a circle.  Within each shape is a circle of the opposite colour.  This represents the presence of the opposite energy at the heart of each.  So at the heart of the male is female energy, and at the heart of the female is male energy, the inner 'other'.


The tendency for men and women to find a partner with whom to have an intimate relationship can be seen as part of the physical manifestation of our search for the ‘other half’ of ourselves. 

Those that live upon this Earth as enlightened ones frequently do not choose to have a single intimate relationship with a significant other because they don't need it to complete themselves, their inner feminine and masculine energies are balanced and they are not looking for a quick fix by finding thier missing part in someone else. (That does not mean that those of us who do have intimate relationships are 'less than', we are each on our own path and are following our own individual spiritual 'blueprint' and we may be here on this Earth to have a relationship or two of this sort for our greater personal growth.)  

Additionally, enlightened beings can no longer commit to care for and love one specific person above all or most others, they have reached a state where they truly love everyone, even strangers, with equal regard.

It is only when we have successfully integrated our missing half and we are connected to our whole Self, that we can accomplish our greatest expression of creative Self. 


This union of our energy gives us spiritual strength and power, enabling us to become effective manifestation practitioners.  To manifest, we need to hold a reservoir of feminine energy within us and create a directive force of masculine energy, and by integrating these two states within ourselves we can make anything happen.


Integrating our feminine/masculine selves and becoming a complete person enables us to project a balanced energy and command authority.  When we are complete in this way, people listen to what we have to say.


It is not simply a question of honouring and respecting each other as women and men, but seeing each other and ourselves as the whole person with both energetic genders incorprated into us, or at least potentially so.


If you believe in God, whether God is a Being or an energy, that energy/being must surely contain both feminine and masculine energy if Everything was made manifest from that one unit, and if we are made in the same ‘image’ that must be our natural state too.


Everything manifest continues to operate using the same principle, two elements coming together to make a third thing.  As two people come together to make a new person, so the Goddess and her consort make 'The Magical Child', which represents anything that is made manifest. 


Within the Wheel of the Year, the Goddess as Bride in Spring interacts magically with masculine energy at Beltane (May Day) and the Magical Child is 'born' at Lughnasadh at the start of August after the Mother Goddess of Summer 'gives birth'. 


This birth represents the ongoing renewal of Life, and is what is truly celebrated at the harvest festivals. 


Individually, holding an intention (which is using feminine energy) and directing it out into the world and acting (which is using masculine energy), is the way we manifest anything. 


When we truly become a complete person, with our feminine and masculine selves ‘married’ within ourselves, then we can manifest miracles!


In the section entitled 'Shamanic Practice' there is a section called 'The 'Child' - Secrets of Manifestation'.  Here, you can learn more about how these feminine and masculine energies can be understood and used in a practical way for manifestation.


In the Four Branches, the interaction between female and male, feminine and masculine is paramount throughout all the tales. 


In the Fourth Branch, Math sends his apprentices, Gwydion and Gilfaethwy, into the wilderness for three years, spending a year each as a female and male animal who mate with each other, then changing their genders so they experience each polarity. 

This takes place following their disrespectful and dishonourable behaviour towards Goewin as Goddess.  Clearly, Math feels they need a lesson about understanding the principles of Feminine and Masculine energy. 

This seems to be a part of their Shamanic training.  The story represents this experience in 'real' time, but it represents an Other-world 'journey' that the apprentices undertake.


The universal symbol for the integration of feminine and masculine energies is the 6-pointed star, which is a downward pointing triangle (feminine) overlapping an upward pointing triangle (masculine). 


This symbol also encapsulates the phrase “As above, so below” because it represents the interconnectedness of all things.  This symbol is also known as the Star of David.


According to the words of Hermes Trismegistus: “That which is below is like to that which is above, and that which is above is like to that which is below, in order to achieve the wonders of one thing.”


This symbolic phrase has multi-faceted meanings, but all are connected to the integration of two polar-opposite energies (feminine/masculine, Heaven/Earth, Goddess/Consort) to create a third thing – The Magical Child, or whatever manifest thing The Child represents.  This is the fundamental principle of Life itself.


Taken to it's utmost possible meaning, this phrase is referring to the ultimate perfection of the Divine (that which is above) being manifested on Earth (that which is below) to the same degree as each other, causing complete Unity (the wonders of one thing).  In reference to the planet, this means peace on Earth.  In reference to a human being, this means the attainment of enlightenment.  Therefore, The Child represents nothing less than the state of enlightenment.  This is the ultimate human manifestation.     


We can start by making a journey to meet our self in the Otherworld, that is, the self who is of the opposite gender to our physical appearance.  We can talk to our female/male self and learn some valuable information and advice.  The goal of becoming a wholly integrated human being can be a lifelong one, but here is a good place to start.