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  • Amanda (Friday, September 07 18 06:57 pm BST)

    To find the answer to Shelli's question below about Shrines in Nature, please go to 'Shamanic Practice' > 'Shamanic Practice Outdoors' > 'Shrines & Altars to Nature' for the full article... and to see my latest painting entitled 'Four Branches' at the top of the page.

  • Amanda (Friday, September 07 18 06:47 pm BST)

    Greetings, Abhishek Ray. It’s been nearly 20 years since I did a livewood ritual, it’s not something I would do now, since the energy of the Earth, thus of nature including tree spirits, has been through momentous changes in that time. The energy signature of the Earth is completely changed and all elemental beings and nature spirits have received updated transformations alongside this. Everything to do with communicating and working with these beings is now different from the knowledge and systems we have employed for millennia so the old rituals are out of date. It’s time for humanity to wake up to the changes and catch up, we are behind and need to focus on making our own energetic changes to exist with the new Earth. These are exciting times, our planet is evolving to a higher vibrational level and humanity has a chance to do the same, if we, personally, complete the necessary steps. This is my personal task currently. As do many, I need now to re-learn how to work energetically with these beings, once I have successfully completed my transformation to fit the new Earth multidimensional consciousness.

  • Mike Gaunt (Friday, September 07 18 04:58 pm BST)

    Fantastic Website Thank You

  • Abhishek Ray (Thursday, September 06 18 12:09 pm BST)

    Great work! I belong to the Vajrayana Tantra School of Bengal in India. I have heard that there are 13 trees in British Shamanic methodology to be meditated upon to cut livewood wands. Can you elaborate on this? And is that why 13 considered to be an unlucky number in Christian numerology?

  • Amanda Reid (Wednesday, April 25 18 09:16 am BST)

    Hello Shelli,

    Welcome! What a wonderful question you bring! I think you have just inspired a new page for me to write. I will get onto it as soon as I can and see if I can answer your excellent question. Thank you for your most helpful contribution. Watch this space.

  • Shelli (Tuesday, April 24 18 11:32 pm BST)

    I stumbled upon your site while searching for shamanism based on my British ancestry. Thank you!!

    I am wondering if you tend shrines to the elements? If they figure into this cosmology? How you go about doing it if you do? How it benefits your life?

  • Carol Lipthorpe (Tuesday, April 10 18 03:03 pm BST)

    Dear Amanda, Thank you for this amazing website. It's a veritable feast for the eyes and for the mind!
    It was so lovely to meet you and Andy on Saturday. I hope we will meet again. much love

  • Diane Forest-Hill (Saturday, December 16 17 08:25 am GMT)

    Thank you for sharing your website with me. It's a beautiful and interesting place and the artwork is stunning. I'm so glad I stopped by. I wish I'd known this about you before yesterday but there are things we like/need to keep separate from the everyday. P.s. I like the entwined dragons best

  • Autumn (Wednesday, January 04 17 11:30 am GMT)

    Lots of lovely content here. Just made myself a cuppa and I am now going to go through the menu :-)

    I made use of your contact form, Amanda. I forgot to ask what you thought of the cave art in Australia and its possible links to Egypt?

  • Olivia C (WhiteEnergy) (Monday, January 02 17 02:36 pm GMT)

    Hello, I was just stopping by to understand more about shamanism. This website is much more informative than some of the others, where the only information can be found in expensive books. Thank you for putting together a website like this, as I am only 16, my resources are not that great.
    Thanks again,


  • janis (Friday, October 14 16 01:21 am BST)

    I've just'discovered' your website and love it! Lots to read and learn about, helped by being presented in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Brilliant!

  • Amanda (Sunday, November 15 15 07:29 pm GMT)

    Thank you, Joshua, for your lovely comment about my poem, 'The Massacre of Ynys Mon'. It's a strange thing that although I have written a lot of poems over the years, somehow, that one poem turned
    out to be in a different league to all the others and it feels very personal to me. I really value your appreciation.

  • Joshua Bickford (Wednesday, November 11 15 05:47 pm GMT)

    Your poem about Ynnys Mon was very beautiful, intense and moving. I could feel the pain of the woman who was left after the massacre. Here grief and loss were so visceral. I felt as if I was really
    there. I could see the destruction of the Ynnys Mon. It really affected me. Thank you.

  • Jeremy Hunter (Sunday, November 08 15 03:52 pm GMT)

    Thank you Amanda for this website. So glad to know there is at least someone else ACTUALLY interested in pre-Celtic British beliefs. Very interesting read.

  • Amanda Reid (Thursday, October 08 15 06:01 pm BST)

    Hi Liam,
    There are numerous teachers around, I would suggest that you search on the internet for Shamanic Practitioners in your area. Are you in the UK? If so, there is a Shamanic Practitioners register where
    you can find a practitioner based on locality. They will be running all sorts of courses and training you might be interested in. Good luck!

  • liam (Monday, October 05 15 10:53 am BST)

    hello, I am liam and I Want gain wisdom and knowledge on the subject of shamanism, do you know if there are teachers who would be willing to teach me?

  • Wynnfrith (Saturday, January 24 15 03:43 pm GMT)

    Just wanted to thank you for this beautiful site, its very hard to find information on British shamanic practice.


  • stuart gypsy fleming (Wednesday, November 26 14 09:41 pm GMT)

    Hi just want to say what a lovely informative site this is thank you

  • Amanda Reid (Tuesday, November 11 14 07:10 pm GMT)

    Hi Carole,
    Thanks for your comment and your excellent question. As you may know, there are usually 12 moons in the year, but the sun and moon cycles do not correspond, so every 2 or 3 years there is a 13th or
    blue moon. This moon represents the dark or hidden face of the Goddess. This moon or face is the archetypal Divine version of the dark shadow self in all of us, the reflection of the void, for the
    void is the womb of creation and all that is light came out of it. The thirteenth moon is a reflection of this and thus has a very powerful energy.

  • Amanda Reid (Tuesday, November 11 14 07:01 pm GMT)

    Hi Norseman,
    Thanks for your comment for Samhain. There are, of course, many ways to celebrate Shamanic practice, such as those you mention, but I am not able to represent them all here on this site. This site
    does not claim to be anything more than a personal exploration of my ideas and practice and your comment has helpfully led me to look into these areas further, thanks.

  • Carole Ward (Monday, November 10 14 07:29 pm GMT)

    Hi Amanda
    I have a querie, and I hope you are able to respond. Firstly, I have recently discovered your site and I wanted to say how much im enjoying it. The info resonates so.
    There are 13 full moons in a year, how does that sit with the three facets of the four seasons of the goddess?

  • norseman (Sunday, November 02 14 11:41 am GMT)

    Have you forgotten about the Cunning Folk and the Hedge Witches ? Shamanic rituals used to contact the ancestors. Relevant question at Samhain !

  • Paul (Tuesday, February 04 14 08:29 pm GMT)

    Thank you for such an inspiring and easily understood introduction to Shamanism. You have opened my mind to further study, Blessings.

  • Chloe (Saturday, March 16 13 02:52 pm GMT)

    Amanda! Love this so much. Great to see your work- from across the world! It was SO good to see you & Andy. By the way--- can you send me your email so I can send you the letter I wrote nana--
    and I'll send some photos too! Lots of love

  • Jean Kessler (Tuesday, February 05 13 04:09 pm GMT)

    Just seen our friend Dave Wilkie today and visited our dear Ian at St Helen's Well...
    Thank you so much for dedicating this site to our Green Man. He will always be in my heart. Lovely site Amanda. Blessings

  • matthew holles (Thursday, December 20 12 01:02 am GMT)

    I am an old friend of ian and jumped at the chance to make contact.. recently i dreamed of a tiger i dont feel afraid just distant... in the dream i was making my way into a room with out a door... a
    calm place with wild nature if that makes sense.. i have a picture of the time we got together up here in whitby recently it means such a lot and reminds me of times when we went to ingleton also
    several festivals... parties ....well done on your site thank you matt

  • outlandish rogues from the north country (Saturday, September 08 12 10:17 am BST)

    nice to see your site looking so good and your paintings reaching a wider audience.
    best wishes I&T

  • Dave Wilkinson (Sunday, August 05 12 03:07 pm BST)

    Hi Amanda & Andy, it's Dave from Wakefield on my mates computer. Very interesting site. Hope you had a good birthday, and things are going well.

  • Sara Seal (Friday, April 27 12 01:31 pm BST)

    Hello Amanda

    I loved your website and artwork - amazing! Thankyou for the wisdom and guidance contained has helped me enormously.

    I will definitely check in again!

    Love, light and blessings,


  • Kris (Monday, April 02 12 08:39 pm BST)

    Hi, great work on this site,well done Amanda. Lots of parallels here to the universal truths which resonate in all of the painting above,my favourite, sent chills down spine! choice of
    gathering would be Tesco.Peace,Love& Light Kris x

  • david john wilkinson (Saturday, March 17 12 02:52 pm GMT)

    Ps Its me again Dave Wilkinson I have just noticed that you have dedicated this web site To Ian Firth I know he would be delighted thank you very much ; I miss him I know he is out there ; and every
    time I see a Hare he is trying to get in touch. Lots of love to our Ian