SHAMANIC PRACTICE: creation, activation, generation and inspiration.

'Rainbow Wizard at Pentre Ifan' by Amanda Reid

Working with Shamanic Practice today involves combining the ability to operate with integrity in two worlds, the physical world and the Otherworld. 


First, we benefit from making a strong connection to our local environment, to Nature, to the Spirits of the Land. 


Let the energy of Nature feed you, fill you with its special qualities that re-charge us for our daily lives.  Go out into the woods, the hills, to the sea.  Feel the sun and the breeze on your skin.  Be out under the stars and the dark night.  Stand in the rain and the storm.  Nature is alive and this is part of feeling its Life.   


Talk to the local Nature Spirits and Over-lighting Landscape Beings.  They are amongst the many energetic beings that work with Nature and the non-physical world.  Introduce yourself, even if you feel like you are talking to yourself.  Leave little 'gifts' to say "thank you" for all they are constantly giving you.  


Focus on increasing the quality of your interactions with the four elements, Air through breathing, Fire through the sun, Earth through food, Water through all our many interactions with this element, from washing ourselves to drinking.


Think about setting aside a little place in your house or garden that can be the focus of your practice, even if it is just a shelf.  Place there things that hold that special energy; photos, crystals, a candle, a stone, a shell, a leaf, whatever you feel belongs there.  Think of it as an extension of your heart.  Let it be a touchstone for you in your daily world to connect to your whole Self, your Higher Self with the energy of Nature.


By doing such things, we begin to extend ourself to be a part of every atom, every molecule of Life.  We begin to perceive everything as energy, we expand our awareness beyond the mundane world of our job, our petty worries, material needs and the distractions of everyday life.  We begin to open up to higher thoughts and actions which put us in touch with our true purpose as beings.  We refresh and heal ourselves from the wounds and hurts that daily life causes.


Be ready to follow your Spiritual Blueprint; to find out what you are doing on this Earth as this person in this incarnation.  What have you come here to learn, to experience?  Are you on track?  Do you need to do some healing from your journey so far, before you move forward again?  Are you ready for your Spirit to grow, as the acorn unfolds into the great oak tree contained within it?