The elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water are powerful and fundamental principles of physical and spiritual existence. Each one teaches us great wisdom and provides opportunities for our spiritual evolution. 


Their energies are contained in All-That-Is.  Each element is connected to a Divine Over-lighting Energy or Being. 


Water and Earth are Feminine and correspond with the Goddess, whilst Fire and Air are Masculine and connect to the Upper-world, the sky and God. 


Earth and Water are connected closely to the lower levels of energy, as they are related to the planet itself and the Lower-world.  The planet is Earth, and it is covered and permeated by Water. 


Then, on the higher levels, we find Air and Fire.  Fire is the light from the sun that penetrates the atmosphere just as Water permeates Earth.  Air and Fire are closely connected to the Upper-world and the higher levels.


Each of the elements can be addressed in any direction, for they are all everywhere all the time.


The placement of the elements on the Wheel of the Year is related to their energetic properties matching the key properties of each of the four quarters.