'Fire Shaman' by Amanda Reid

Fire is the spark or flame that lives in the heart of each of us. Fire is our Spirit.


Fire and Water interact to bring Life. It is through the rays of the sun penetrating the oceans that Life began on Earth. Fire provides light and heat. The ultimate source of Fire in our world is the Sun. Fire is also found in volcanic action within the Earth, lightning from the sky, and the stars, which are distant suns in space.


Everything on Earth is suffused with the Fire energy that comes from our Sun. Fire is masculine, as Water is Feminine. Fire enlightens, purifies and transforms. Our Spiritual evolution naturally involves a process of initiation through Water (our Soul journey) and Fire (our Spirit). Life provides us with the experiences that lead us to connect to these Spiritual energies, and to hopefully grow, or keep repeating the process until we learn to change.


In the Four Branches, the ancient couple who carry the Cauldron of Rebirth are first ‘born’ in Water, as they rise from the Lake of the Cauldron. Then, they undergo a trial of Fire in the Iron House. These events are symbols for the evolution of their Spiritual selves.


Again, in the Fourth Branch, Lleu Llaw Gyffes is ‘born’ of Water, for his ‘twin’ or ‘other self’ is Dylan.  Dylan is a Being of the Sea, connecting Arianrhod, his mother, to the Old Tribes. Then, as Lleu experiences his transformation near the end of the story, he emerges from a bath by the river (Water), as he is pierced by the magical spear. The Spear is a Universal symbol of Fire, and contains the directive, masculine energy of Fire. This action represents Lleu being pierced by a ray of Spiritual Light. When hit by the Spear, Lleu transforms into an Eagle, whereas an ordinary person would have been killed by it. The Eagle is also a symbol of Fire Energy and of the Sun.


Physical Fire burns us, but Spiritual Fire transforms us. It ‘burns’ away all the negative, unwanted energies connected to us, transforming us into purer beings.


Just as the Shaman ‘acts’ and the Goddess ‘contains’, by holding the energetic power for the Shaman, so the Masculine is acting by utilising the power of the Feminine. It is also the same with Fire (Masculine) and Water (Feminine). Fire ‘acts’ on receptive Water. Fire, as heat/light changes Water from liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam), but Water has the power to extinguish Fire.  It is when Fire penetrates Water that life is born.

Working with Fire

Fire is closely associated with sacrifice. With it, we can ‘burn up’ all our unwanted ‘baggage’ that clings to us as we live our lives. Baggage such as out-dated and unhelpful beliefs and behaviours, insecurities, desires, etc. When we let such things go, we are making a sacrifice. We make a decision to change our behaviour or our thoughts, which is often difficult for us.  We can offer the behaviour or the thoughts to the element of Fire by writing our intention to let the specific thing go on a piece of paper and burning it. If Spiritual Fire accepts the invitation, it will ‘burn up’ the energy of that unwanted part of us, and we will find ourselves energised and illumined by the process, with a space for taking on a new, higher way of being. Our Spirit becomes stronger. The hard work to stick to the changes still has to be attended to, but this can be easier if Fire accepts our sacrifice and helps us. The effort we put in to change ourselves is part of the sacrifice we are making.

Invite the Beings of Fire to fill you with Spiritual Fire and consume the unhelpful energies you want to get rid of. Burn a piece of paper with the unwanted behaviour you want to lose written on it. Let go of just one bad habit and work towards maintaining the beneficial change for four weeks (the time it takes to form a new habit).  Only then consider trying to change something else. Do not start too big. Do not try to make too many changes at once. In this way we are continuing to feed the Divine Fire within us and our Inner Spirit grows stronger.


Spiritual Fire and Spirit are the same thing. We experience this energy when we pray, meditate or enter an altered state with a spiritual focus. When we do this, our Spirit grows. There are two ways for our Spirit to grow, by the above mentioned contemplations of higher energy, or by suffering, sacrifice and learning to change. Either way, we evolve and transform eventually.   When it comes to suffering, look for the recurring themes that keep coming back. Whatever you usually do at such times, try doing it differently, what you usually do is apparently not working. Instead of focussing on the suffering and hardship, think about any harmonious new thoughts and actions you can apply to the situation.


To get in touch with the power of Fire, contemplate the Sun. Visualise yourself being bathed in the Fire and Light of the Sun, not the physical Fire that burns, but the Spiritual Fire that purifies. Feel the energy penetrate your entire being. As you bathe in the Pure Spirit Energy of Fire, ask Fire to purify you of all unwanted energies and illuminate your Spirit.


Invite the element of Fire into your environment by burning a candle. When you look at the flame of a candle, contemplate a flame, just like that, alive inside of yourself, this is the Flame of Spirit within you. All you do to help others and make yourself a better person, all you do to connect to Nature and the Elements, will make this flame bigger and brighter. When your inner Fire is ablaze, you will be able to fan the flame in others, too.


Always burn a candle when you are doing any Spiritual work, for the presence of Fire draws Spirit to it.


Burning bits of paper in fire is not just for things you want to get rid of, but for things you want to attain. The focus of your intent makes the difference. Fire acts as a go-between for the physical and spiritual worlds. It brings us closer to the Otherworlds. Use it to send messages to Spirit. Write down something really positive you want to attain for yourself or another. Focus your writing in a positive way. Remember, it is up to us to keep working for our goals by our own efforts.


It is wonderful to have a gathering where everybody sits in a circle with a Fire at the centre, for Fire is at the Centre of Life, as the Sun is. This is a wonderful opportunity to focus a single purpose towards the Energy of Fire. Bring only harmonious thoughts and feelings to Fire. The Divine Beings of Light that work with Fire are attracted by positive energies. They are especially attracted by sounds such as music and singing around a Fire.  It is at such times that you can focus your energies with others to make the biggest changes to the World, sending out Healing, Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom for all. Do this, and the Light Beings will help bring about the wonderful results you are focussing on.


To have a Fire Day, begin by getting up in time to see the Sun rise, the most sublime time to get in touch with its Divine energies. The best place to see the Sun rise is from the top of a mountain, if you ever have such an opportunity, don't miss it.  I will never forget the night I climbed Croagh Patrick, a mountain in County Mayo, Ireland.  I ascended at midnight, by the light of the full moon, and then, from the summit, watched the sun rise out of the land and sea.  It brought tears to my eyes and is a memory that will always remain with me. 


Think about the energy of Light and Fire that comes to you through everything you eat. Feel the Sun on your skin as its warmth penetrates your body. Fire is alive and aware. It brings us Life and feeds our Spirit and enables us to evolve to become the true beings of Love, Truth and Wisdom we are destined to be.