'Water Goddess' by Amanda Reid

Water is at the beginning of the birth of Life upon the planet, everything emerged from Water.  If Earth/Nature/Goddess is the cup or vessel, it is Water that fills it. 


In the Third Branch, the oldest couple, who bring the wisdom of the ancient long barrows to Bran, emerge from Water, the Lake of the Cauldron.  That is because Water has the ability to capture a record of everything it comes into contact with, and its Spiritual manifestation is the Akashic Record, which is where all knowledge and wisdom can be accessed. 


Both Taliesin and Fionn Mac Cumhaill gain wisdom and enlightenment by placing their thumbs in their mouths after drops from the cauldron or from the Salmon of Wisdom land upon them.   In 'Culhwch and Olwen', Salmon is the oldest and wisest of all creatures because it lives in the element Water.


Water is rain, ocean, spring, river, stream, mist, snow, lake, ice, dew and much, much more.  The human body is 90% Water at birth, and this falls to 50% as we age. Water exists as a liquid, a gas (steam) and as a solid (ice). 


Water is the life-blood of the planet.  Water is all-giving.  It purifies and cleanses. 


Water has a distinctive life-cycle, it begins in the mountains where it falls as rain, melts as snow, or surfaces from springs, and flows down into the valleys to the ocean. At the ocean, due to the sun’s rays, Water rises again into the air to fall over the mountains once more. On this journey, Life is born wherever Water travels. The huge importance of Water is clear from our understanding of the way Life springs up around it, for it is essential to all, trees, plants, animals, people and civilisations. 


The journey of Water is like the human journey of reincarnation. On its journey from the purity of the mountains to the ocean, it gathers all sorts of energies, pure and impure. Eventually it returns to the sky to repeat the cycle, just as we complete another life-cycle on Earth.


The mountains, where Water is born, are considered sacred by many ancient peoples. The purest energies are found at the summit of mountains.  Mountain peaks are the places on the Earth that are closest to the highest Divine Beings and energies, and from this come the tales of the wise Old Man of the Mountain. Mountains enable a connection with Spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.

Water exists, just like humans, with a physical, etheric, astral and mental body. On a Universal level, Water is the ‘primeval ocean’ of Space. 


Space is the great ‘ocean’ in which are born galaxies, stars and planets. It is no wonder that space vessels are called ‘ships’. Water is the physical manifestation of the cosmic ‘fluid’ of space and all that is beyond the atmosphere of Earth.  


Spiritually, Water is the medium we call the Akashic Record. It has the most wonderful property of receiving information and holding it. It keeps a record of All-that-ever was.  Water is a conductor of energy, a vehicle.  It absorbs everything it touches.  Water is indeed the Soul of the Universe, the Soul of All-That-Is. 



Working with Water

We drink it, we cook with it, we wash with it, we are using Water every day. There is no Life on this planet without Water. Water is Love.


Here is the opportunity to completely change your relationship with Water. Every time you come into
contact with it, be conscious of your interaction. In your mind, greet Water with love, respect and gratitude. Become aware of how much it gives you, how much you receive. 


Every time you wash your hands, take a drink, fill the kettle, water the plants, wash the car, take a shower or a bath, put on the washing machine, clean your teeth, do it with full awareness of the loving gift of Water.  You will be amazed at just how often you interact with it and how much it is giving to you. Becoming more conscious of each of the elements will lead to a greater and deeper relationship with Spirit.


When you drink Water, greet it with respect, love and gratitude and then ask to be imbued with its purity. 
Visualise yourself becoming crystal clear as it enters your body, ‘see’ the Water flowing through you. 


Remember, you are communicating with Divine/Archangelic Beings when you connect with Water or any of the elements, they are each Sacred and Spiritual energies. 


When you shower, bathe or wash, greet Water with respect, then wash yourself in a slow and deliberate fashion, aware that you are interacting with a Divine substance.  It is not by coincidence that ritual washing is a part of so many religious practices. Visualise the Water removing all the dark unwanted energies from your etheric, astral and mental bodies, as well as washing your physical body. 


Especially wash your hands and feet this way, for our hands have the greatest opportunity to pick up unwanted energies from all the things we come into contact with, and our feet are our strongest connection to Mother Earth, so need to be kept pure to keep us grounded.


In the Bible, there are numerous accounts of foot-washing.  Jesus did this as an example to others, as an act of love, of giving and humility.  At the Christian ceremony of washing the feet of others, enacted on Maundy Thursday, these words are spoken:  "I give you a new commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."  The act of using Water in this manner is significant.  We also see the connection between Water and sacrifice.  Washing feet is associated with the Last Supper and Communion, where Jesus bids his disciples to wash the feet of others as a way of remembering his sacrifice.  He touches on this in the Gospel of Luke when he rebukes Simon for not washing his feet.  He says to Simon; "Do you see this woman?  I came into your house.  You did not give me water for my feet but she wet my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair."  Clearly, the spiritual qualities of Divine Water is being celebrated here.  The elemental of Water, more than Earth, Air and Fire, is a part of our daily lives, easier to take for granted but also easier to recognise and embrace its Divine nature.  


If you feel the need to remove a lot of heavy negative energy from your aura, bathe in Water with a handful of salt and have one or more candles burning.  Bathe in a ritual manner, consciously focussing on clearing all the negative energies from yourself by talking to and invoking the power of Water.


Sit and watch running Water, a river, a waterfall, or even a running tap.  Invite the Water to take away any negative energies you might be holding.  If necessary, you can do this by visualising running Water, but any opportunity you get to interact with physical Water is an opportunity to deepen your connection with Spiritual Water.


When you visit a body of Water, be it the sea, lake, river, always greet it with respect and gratitude, for the many nature beings who work with Water will hear you and appreciate your attitude.                                     


Have a Water Day, a day walking in the rain, drinking only pure Water (mindfully), swimming in the sea, river or lake.  Or walking to meditate at a spring of Water emerging from the Earth, or walking along a beautiful river, to contemplate the magnificence of a waterfall.


When working with healing, Water teaches us the power to send out energy into the ether for the good of all, as circular ripples are formed on Water and radiate outwards. Take a bowl of Water, and place a finger or hand in it.  Then use the other hand to direct your positive emanations out into the atmosphere.


To imbue Water with positive energy, make sure your hands are washed very well. Then place a finger in a glass of Water. State your intention to put positive energy or healing into the Water for yourself to drink, or to water your plants.


Water absorbs the properties of anything that is put in contact with it. There is a great book called ‘The Hidden Messages of Water’ by Masaru Emoto. This Japanese scientist describes the ability of Water to absorb, hold and transmit human feelings and emotions. He photographed ice crystals which changed when specific thoughts were directed at them.  Their forms even corresponded to the subject being transmitted to them. 


In the same manner, placing healing plants and crystals in or near Water will enable the Water to take on the properties of that plant or crystal. Some plants and some crystals are toxic, therefore much care, knowledge and experience is required, but if you leave a plant or crystal inside a glass, and then place the glass into the Water, so that the item remains dry but is ‘within’ the Water, the qualities will still be absorbed.  I recommend Michael Gienger's book 'Gem Water' if you want to learn more. 


Water is the master of sacrifice, it gives of itself endlessly. We abuse it with poisons, oil, plastic,
petrol, sewage.  It accepts this.  It eventually completes its cycle and attains purity once more in the sky and the mountains. We can also learn to live like Water by giving of ourselves, sacrificing ourselves, and continuing our journey to the Source, to purity.  It is what we give to others that marks who and what we truly are.


Finally, talk to Water, for it can become your friend and ally.  It has the power to communicate with you, and it knows everything that is and ever was.