Secrets of Manifestation

'Three faces' by Amanda Reid

Manifestation?  We are all experts.  We are all doing it all the time, even if we don't realise it.


Back in the day, we all said "Let there be light!"  And there was light.


We are all still saying it.  All the time.


Everything is Light.  We are Light.


Be the Light.


Stop searching, you are already there.

I am surrounded by my circle of protection and power.

I have claimed my full power.

I am my circle. 

I expand beyond my circle. 

I am everything, everything is me. 

Therefore, everything is within my sphere of influence.


I choose, it begins,

I will, it becomes.


I choose to lose weight, get some dosh, heal a cold or headache, find a parking space, get that job, increase the chances of world peace, heal cancer, end a war……


I don’t choose to want it, I choose it.  I accept it completely as mine, as a done deal.  If I ‘want’ it then that is what I get, the want of it, which is the lack of it, akin to not having it.


My mantra is “I completely and fully accept this into my life now.”


When I choose something, it may ‘become’ immediately, or it may be in a state of ‘becoming’ for a period of time, but the moment I choose it, it is done.  During the time of it’s becoming, I must continue to completely choose and accept it into my life.  Any thoughts to the contrary, even ones I may be unaware of such as sub- or unconscious thoughts, will remove the becoming and end the manifestation of the thing I choose. 


Being able to focus one’s thoughts and choose or accept something into one’s life without any doubt, fear, guilt or any other negating thoughts or emotions, is the secret of success. 


I must be wise about what I choose to change and what I allow to be as it is.  If I remove all difficulties or trials and tribulations from my life, I also risk removing all opportunities for my soul to grow.  For it is through adversity that I have a chance to learn something important and become a better person.  In order to know when to choose to make change or not,  I ask my heart, not my head.  When I ask my heart, I know whether to choose something different or let what is, be.


And I always, always choose and accept whatever is manifest with a spirit of gratitude.

There is The One.

The One is Nothing and Everything,

Always and Never.

The heart of The One is the Void,

The Void is Absolute Darkness out of which Light emerges.

The One divides into Two and Polarity is born;

Light and Dark, Male and Female, God and Goddess.


When The Two come together, a Third is made.

This is the Law of Creativity and Manifestation.

This is the means by which everything is made.

All these states are always present.

The One becoming Two is not something that once happened in the past,

It is happening Now.

It is eternally becoming everything.

Everything is eternally The One.

Within the turning of the Wheel of the British Year there is a transformation when the the Goddess as Bride and her Consort come together and make The Magical Child, whose manifestation is celebrated at Lughnasadh.  This represents both the miracle of Spring when life is reborn in Nature, which leads to the fullness of Summer and harvest, and the miracle of pregnancy and birth.  As a process, it is the underlying principle for all creation and therefore happens everywhere all the time.

In the Four Branches, the birth of Pryderi, Gwern and Lleu Llaw Gyffes are representations of The Magical Child, they are not merely sons of the Goddess, but represent evolutions of humanity made manifest in their personalities through their stories.

There are three energies present, the Mother or feminine, the Father, Consort or masculine, and the Child which is the outcome of their union.


The Mother can be any manifestation of the feminine energetic principle such as acts of nurturing, holding, grounding, loving, giving, being, caring, listening, feeling, etc.  The Mother is also Goddess, Nature and the Land.


The Father or Consort is any manifestation of the masculine energetic principle; doing, directing, acting, making, constructing, any activity where the feminine energy is accessed and directed or utilised. 


The Shaman is always depicted in the stories as male because the Shaman interacts with Nature and the Land using masculine energy.  The Shaman is acting in the masculine energetic role, as the 'doer', acting for the tribe and accessing the energy of the Land/Goddess.  Even though the Shaman is symbolised by a male, women make very good Shamans, and they are utilising their masculine energy when they act in this way.  In some tribal cultures the women do not act in the Shaman's role because by doing so, they can come into contact with difficult and dangerous spirits or energies whilst healing others.  This could entail risk to their children, so it is avoided.  In other tirbes, there are women Shamans, and sometimes they can be more equipped to be successful in the role as they are often more integrated in their two polar energies of masculine and feminine.  The Shaman acts in the role of Consort to the Goddess/Land, as do all humans when they interact with Nature.


In the stories, the Goddess is usually, but not always, represented by a woman because her role encapsulates the feminine energetic principle. 


The Child is the manifestation of the two energies of masculine and feminine when they are connected and transformation occurs.  The Child can be the birth of a baby, or any other 'thing' that is made manifest, whatever that may be.


Mother = Nature,

Consort = Shaman,

Child = Generational tribal evolution.


Mother = Woman,

Consort = Man,

Child = Baby.


Mother = Flower,

Consort = Bee,

Child = Fruit.


Mother = Feeling/emotion/idea,

Consort = Will/focus/action,

Child = inventions, creations, projects, manifestations, (including all things humans have ever made and ever will make; cars, cities, space shuttles, skyscrapers, plastics, computers, TV, books, paintings etc.)


So, the coming together of two energies, feminine and masculine, to make a third thing, is the way to make anything happen.  This is the natural role of the feminine, to 'contain' the pool of energy, to 'hold' the power.  This is why Sovereignty is feminine, and why kings and chieftains ruled because the authority to do so was bestowed upon them by the feminine principle, by the Goddess, holding the power and energy for all things to be 'born'.  This explains the relationship between the lap-maiden Goewin and Math in the Fourth Branch.

The natural role of the masculine energy is to use the energy or power freely given to those deemed worthy.  This is done through action and making and doing.

When these two elements are activated, there is an outcome, something new is made, whether it is an object, a person, an idea or an evolution.


With this knowledge, the ability to manifest anything can be enhanced.  Whatever we manifest will affect what we are, if we manifest good things, we attract good energy and good returns to us.  If we manifest bad things, bring difficulties or troubles to others, say unpleasant things, we attract the same into our own lives.  We are manifesting all the time.  Every thought we have is released out there into the ether, every word we utter and every deed we do has it's effects, even if we don't realise it.

We can learn to focus and improve our ability to manifest good things for others (which will automatically bring good things to ourselves too!)   We can send healing, and love, and hope, and miracles into other people's lives.



When first learning to manifest, bring to mind a feeling or emotion that you are currently experiencing, it doesn't matter which one, but let it be something neutral or positive, like contentment, expectation, anticipation, excitement.  Never do this with a negative energy - never, never, never! 
Let that feeling grow at your solar plexus in the middle of your body.  Let it gather there like a pool of energy.  This is the Divine Feminine energy within you, this is your potency.


Now visualise what you are choosing by seeing a picture of the outcome in your head, and say the words, either out loud or inside your head. 


Release the energy through your solar plexus out into the world as you 'see' the energy going to your target.  'See' the thing you are manifesting occur in your mind's eye.   This process of visualising the outcome and sending the energy is the the active masculine energy of the will.


Use this ability responsibly, or face the consequences.  Never do anything that may harm or negatively affect another.  If there is no success, then maybe the outcome you desired was against the Universal laws of karma, or there was some other good reason for it not to happen.  Maybe it is or will happen, but not straight away.  


It is not simply enough to use this technique for things to happen.  Success also depends on the size and quality of your reservior of feminine energy and your capacity or effort in directing it (the masculine bit).  The personal energy we amass comes to us from Nature in the form of food, water and pure Spirit energy absorbed directly into our bodies just by being in Nature, and even more so when we 'intend' it through breathing and meditation. 


We need to get out to the sea, woods, hills and open moors.  Being amongst people in towns and cities tends to attract negative energies like smog which builds up and 'pollutes' our Spirit energy reserves.  The other means to increase our reservior of Spirit energy is by means of the law of return.  Whatever we 'put out' comes back to us with increase.  So a miserable person with nothing good to say who only eats junk food and never goes to the countryside is in a pretty poor position when it comes to improving the quality of their life or achieving their goals.  Whereas, a person who eats good, fresh food filled with prana, drinks pure clean water, spends loads of time in Nature and is always pleasant, friendly and helpful to others is going to be creating a wonderful life for themselves, even if they are not personally inclined towards Spiritual or Esoteric leanings.


It is not just in this lifetime either.  If we have lived well in previous incarnations we will be reaping the benefits and our reservior will be full.  The reservior is depleting daily, so we need to keep things up to keep it full.


If you try manifesting things and do not seem to get results, work on increasing your personal power by recharging the energy in your reservior.


Later, when we become more adept, we do not need to summon the emotional feeling, we are instead simply able to tap into the reservior at all times, once we fully accept our inner power and potential.


The 'masculine' side is putting it out there, sending the energy with the visualised result held in our minds out into the world, like throwing a spear to its target. 


Do not expect miracles to drop at your feet without any effort on your part.  You reap what you sow.  A key skill is visualising powerful positive images and this can take a bit of learning.  Also, doing good things for other people.  Acts such as random acts of kindness, picking up and taking away litter, even if it is not yours, and simply putting effort into the projects and dreams you want to achieve.  The more you 'invest' in these things, the better your life will be.  Manifestation is not about making things easy, it's about making your efforts more powerful and more positive.


Practice the technique with neutral situations such as manifesting car park spaces or something similar, to give you evidence of success and to fine tune your skills.  Then use it wisely, helping people who need your capacity to direct energy and manifest positive outcomes.  Use it for healing and helping yourself and others, for the good of humanity, for the benefit of the planet and the Land.