Unity Consciousness

There really is only One of us


To simply say ‘All is One’ and to think or believe it on the mental level is one thing, to absolutely experience this huge truth energetically is another matter.


Actually, it’s quite difficult to experience a truth such as this whilst engaged in our everyday life, however, one of the joys of the human condition is that we can have ‘satori’ moments when we really seem to ‘know’ something as truth on a much deeper level, and these can be very powerful.


It was through my Shamanic practice and in putting together this website that I first wrote the following:


‘There is The One. 

The One is Nothing and Everything, Always and Never. 

The heart of The One is the Void,

Absolute Darkness out of which Light emerges.

The One divides into Two and Polarity is born;

Light and Dark, Male and Female, God and Goddess.


When The Two come together, a Third is made.

This is the Law of Creativity and Manifestation.

This is the means by which everything is made.

All these states are always present.

The One becoming Two is not something that once happened in the past,

It is happening Now.

It is eternally becoming everything.

Everything is eternally The One.’


As you can see, the above statement comes back around in full circle, starting with The One, breaking into Everything and returning to the One.


I didn’t realise until I was prompted through Marko Pogacnik’s book ‘Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings’ that I was moving away from Shamanism and into Unity Consciousness.


Marko describes the evolution of the planet Earth (and I write this from my memory, so read the book yourself for accuracy) beginning with the time when the planet was a ball of fire, as it still is at its core.  He describes this fiery ball populated with beings that live at the energetic vibration of the element ‘fire’, as is the case with the sun. 


Then, the Earth underwent a transformation, becoming a world of the element ‘water’, where water element beings lived, and he describes this as part of our group ancestral memory of ‘Atlantis’, since our souls were incarnated at this time. 


None of this happened at the same physical, material level within which we currently live, physicality developed as the energy of the element ‘earth’ came into ascendancy.  The vibrational energy became denser as the material world that we live in today came into being.  Animals arrived on the planet and at some point our souls entered the bodies of the most evolved animals, the apes, in order to experience the material world. 


It seems our earliest ancestors, prehistoric humans, developed Shamanism out of their experience of this physical world, a world of polarity.  They were much more in touch with their emotional, intuitive, psychic, sensitive selves than we are today.  They experienced Nature in a manner that very few people do today and it is from that knowledge and wisdom that tribal Shamanism developed. 


Over time, the sense energy of the mind has overcome our sensitivity with rationalisation and we have lost much.


We have been living in the ‘earth’ element period for all of our documented history.  The duality or polarity at the heart of material existence is demonstrated in all the myths and stories throughout time and across continents.  The dark and light tribes of the Mabinogion, folk tales, creation myths, the stories at the heart of every religious or spiritual tradition, all convey the duality of the physical world. 


Light-Dark, Good-Bad, Happy-Sad, Love-Fear, Left-Right, Right-Wrong, Yes-No, it all sits on a continuum going from one end to the other.


Energy rises from within the earth below and descends from the cosmos above, creating the polar energy that has been distorted over time to ‘good’ (above) and ‘evil’ (below).


Now, according to Pogacnik and many others, we are entering another age of transformation, commonly referred to as the age of Aquarius.  This is an age of the ‘air’ element, where the physicality of the material ‘earth’ world’s dense vibration is changing and the dualistic polarity we are used to is altering as we all  awake and realise a new truth, that ‘All is One’.  Literally. 


How is this so?  Energetically, we are not solely our physical bodies.  Scientist can measure and even photograph the energy that surrounds our bodies, that extends beyond it.  In fact, if I am standing next to you, then some of my energy and your energy is mingling.  Maybe we can feel this when we stand next to people in a queue or on a crowded train or bus. 

Now, imagine you can see all the energy emanating from everyone and everything.  It gradually diminishes at the edges, we can also extend it further or withdraw it in towards our bodies by our will.


Quantum physics explains that all matter is actually energy and when you look at matter from a quantum persective, it is mostly space.  So, really, we are all energy.  Now, imagine that the energy from everything and everyone is all there is, as this is what we now understand scientifically.  There is nothing but this energy.  It may appear to get thinner and thicker in places, where it coalesces, but it is all one energy.  That is Unity Consciousness.  That is you, me, everyone as One.  There really is only One because we are all part of the same singular mass of energy.  We really are all connected, and as you walk down the next crowded street and look about at all the people, think of everyone as that energy, see how that energy all blends into one, realise that we are all connected by it, all one energy, because there is only One.  The sense of separateness we experience is the illusion.  It's useful but may not be necessary as we continue to evolve as beings.


In the Shamanic tradition, we enter the otherworlds through journeying, meditation, visualisation, which Pogacnik describes as the 'first perception'.  We journey, then return to the everyday world, we live in two worlds and do not experience them simultaneously.


The new age is an age of Unity, where we become aware that there is no separation, that we are all energy and that everything is energy.  Therefore, we can learn to work from the 'second perception' where we can experience the otherworlds at the same time as we are experiencing this world, so that it is all part of the same experience, like an overlay.  This is the spiritual evolution of the Shamanic tradition, this is Unity Consciousness.  This is where I am going.