Large British Blue John Fluorite slab, Derbyshire

Not all Shamanic practitioners work with crystals, and many who do are not practicing Shamanism.  However, there are those who use crystals as part of traditional Shamanic practice. This is especially true of certain native North and South American tribal groups, and some Pacific cultures.  Crystals have been associated with healing for thousands of years, so it is not surprising that Shamans utilise them.

British Blue Fluorite on Hematite from Cumbria

In Britain, some archaeologists have suggested that the presence of the bluestones at Stonehenge was related to their special healing crystalline structure.  It is also true that many standing stones in stone circles around Britain have some quartz and other crystalline content, and this may be specifically intended for activating the circle in some way. 


Of course, these structures post-date the original Shamanic culture of Britain and we have no clear evidence that British Shamans of the Mesolithic used crystals.  Even so, Britain has a plethora of crystal and mineral substance to its geology. 


There are so many British crystals and minerals that it would be difficult to mention them all here.  Malachite, the crystal form of the mineral copper, is found at the Great Orme copper mines, where copper has been mined in North Wales for 4,000 years. 


Other British crystals include ajoite, amazonite, aquamarine, aragonite, aventurine, chrysocolla, citrine, danburite, diamond, emerald, garnet, iolite, jasper, kunzite, kyanite, moonstone, peridot, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, serpentine, smithsonite, sodalite, topaz, turquoise, zircon and zoisite, to name but a few!

British Aragonite from Anglesey coast

Shamanic practitioners today utilise clear quartz points when doing soul retrievals.  During the Shaman's journey, the shaman draws the energy of the soul part into the quartz point to store it, and places it back in the person for whom the healing has been made, by blowing through the crystal.  I like to hold three quartz points in the curl of the fingers of each hand when doing journeys sometimes, as this enables a stronger connection and deeper journey.

British Honey Calcite from Hampshire coast

Of all the elements, Earth is the most material, the most physically manifested energy.  Of this dense energy from which Earth is made, the crystals and minerals are the finest and purest form of it, they are the most refined energy of the physical manifestation of Earth. 


They are refined by the work of spiritual beings, and they are here to teach us of the refined, pure energy that we too can become, even in our own physical manifestation.  These great beings work with Earth to transform matter into crystals and minerals, using the energy of the sun.  Earth creates gems and precious stones of remarkable geometry and perfect beauty. 


In so doing, these stones and crystals contain and transmit qualities from the Spiritual world of Divine Light and Love.  The stones are holding this energy. When working with crystals, it is the energy that they hold that is of value, not their outer form, despite their great beauty, just as it is with us humans. 


Some stones additionally attract specific beings who work through them, using the stone as a physical anchor through which they can connect with our physical world and interact with human energy. 


When working with crystals, it is not the crystal itself that makes the healing possible, it is the interaction between human and crystal energy, so it is not enough to simply have a stone in your possession, you have to work with it.

British brown and green Strontianite from Argyllshire

Each stone vibrates at a frequency that leads it to connect with a particular ability or quality, so each stone has a speciality. 


Clear quartz, with its lack of colour, can be programmed for many purposes, like a blank disc waiting to be recorded upon.  Other stones contain specific abilities, ready programmed, like a pre-recorded disc.  The more transparent the stone, the more it interacts with Light, the greater the power of its energy.  However, even stones that seem dense to the human eye are not solid, when seen at a microscopic level.  


Crystals work like an antenna.  You must know how to tap into the energy and know how to utilise it, or the stone is useless to you.  It is in our working with the stone that we grow and learn as we are meant to, not the lazy way, by expecting the stone to do all the work for us.

British Barite 'Oakstone' from Derbyshire