Crystal preparation

Fabulous 'field' of fairy sceptre quartz wands

When working with crystals, it helps to understand the value of working with the four elements, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Amongst the many things they can do, they help us interact with the mineral kingdom.


Before working with your crystals, always wash your hands in running water, focussing your intent on asking the element of Water to wash away any negative energies from your hands that have been picked up through everyday interactions. Then you will not contaminate the crystal with those unhelpful psychic energies and spoil the benefits of working with it.


Any new crystal or mineral that comes into your life has potentially been in the possession of others and had the opportunity to collect negative energy from people’s emanations, or from places and situations where bad things may have happened. For this reason, the first thing to do is heal and cleanse the crystal.

Multi mineral slab with amethyst and quartz fairy sceptres

One way to tell if a crystal needs to be healed or cleansed is by using a pendulum, asking the question clearly and getting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. It is possible to tell by holding the crystal, asking the question and using your intuition. All crystals need to be cleansed when they come into your possession and before you are about to use them.  For regular cleansing, see the next section. 


Sometimes a crystal can be very badly affected with negative energy, and if you feel this is the case with a stone, bury it in the earth for a minimum of a week or as long as you feel is needed, depending on how damaged the stone is. 


A really badly damaged stone is one that has been in the possession of a person who has killed or committed violent acts, or a stone that has witnessed severely traumatic incidents.  Such a stone should be buried and given back to the Earth permanently or thrown into the sea, where the stone can be healed over many years and will not affect others with the energy of the event it has witnessed.

There are two very rare amethyst reverse sceptres in the foreground